Photos/fotos From Queretaro, Mexico

Oh here we go. Raw, in the moment. Beans n rice. And we have a tortilla. WIN!
I am standing on our front yard/sidewalk/the street. There is the lovely neighbors wall with lovely art. So sophisticated.

Niiice. This is one of the many temples in the center.

ok, simple oh so simple. Coconut milk,honey,cinnamon, and raw oats. BOOM. Not sure why this is on here though...

And here we are again, in the kitchen, Y'all... this. is. good GREAT 

Its pretty, right? Better be... they spend soooo much $$$ to keep it that way. NO TRASH in the city center. Nope, none. But come to our neighborhood-oouch.
Ok this was June. Reunited students and teachers.

Mary Laura and I in 2013 at Rancho Sordo Mudo My RSM blog

Our trip to Amealco in order to:

- spend time with Carolina and eventually teach her LSM and more education. <--- a deaf woman, as of right now with no mode of communication (can you imagine??)

-teach the church kids/youth LSM along with the Bible at their Friday church service in order to have a community of people knowing and signing LSM to communicate with the Deaf.

-teach LSM to the kids that are deaf and then more

Carolina's home, here she is on the back side of the home.

Manuel and Alexis. Alexis is deaf and went to Rancho Sordo Mudo for 2 years. His communication is awesome, is very smart, and LOVES to play.

Carolina. This is where she normally is when we come to visit her, among the flowers.

Isabel the sister of Alexis, a young deaf teen who has 2 years with LSM thanks to going to Rancho Sordo Mudo. Also here is Manuel a hearing man that has been learning LSM in the city with Marisela and now helps Marisela in Amealco with the deaf. Playing chess.

They are such cuties! Here are some of the boys from church signing a verse from the Bible...learning new signs little by little

Carolina, in her bed of flowers

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