Friday, May 27, 2016

YouTube videos

Hey guys!
I posted 3 videos on my YouTube channel for sharing and hopefully to reach the right people who will support me financially this year for BSSM. They are a few minutes (each video is for a different cultural group, Spanish, Sign, and English)
I made the videos to share some of my story and of course to raise the funds ($4000.00) ASAP.
Take a peak!

I'll be in Southern California till August then moving to Redding, California at the start of August to look for a job and get settled in to a new home.

So, that's what's happening!

Trying to keep speaking Spanish whle here in USA...
Anyone have any good suggestions for podcasts or talks or books in Spanish??

Have a great day
And keep your love on! 

Friday, May 6, 2016

What's up this week

My moms here this week.
I could NOT have done this without her (for reals, I would of given everything away to go back to USA with just a back pack to not worry about all of the things.. Which really isn't too much, mostly clothes and books). I have now... 4 bags. Wow.

We have packed it all up and are just enjoying these next few days, seeing friends and saying goodbyes, goin to parties and resting in a hot/cockroach filled house. (It's city life and sad but true about the cockroaches... Awful things.)

Ready to do this, get on the plane and figure out new steps. Trying to use English correctly and remember simple nouns that I can't seem to get ahold of.

Well worth it, every bit of emotion and dedication here. It's all worth it.

I don't know a title

And it's Friday, pretty much everything I've been doing for 2 years in Queretaro is passed over to my dear friends who are more than ready to run.

I am stoked to be in California.
I am praying for a love to come back to me for my home state... A love that is deeper and more than just sweet thoughts of the past and memories of in & out burger, but rather a love that is strong for the people and communities. A lot like that which I poured out to the communities in Baja, Oaxaca, and here Queretaro... It's time to go "back to the roots" and look around a bit and love well.

I have made a list of al that I want to learn, dreams of mine, and desires.
I haven't done that in a LONG time. I've ignored my own desires for so long. I'm frightened but excited to try new and jump on into the water.

Some things on the list varied like:

-to learn to communicate well

-to practice writing : songs, stories, any kind... However God leads

-use my hands : learn guitar (I have been procrastinating with this one, even having my own guitar.. ups), perhaps ceramics class, and art course.
Going to School of Creativy this May in Redding will be a joy.

-dance a whole lot more

-sing. STOP BEING AFRAID TO USE MY VOICE... Perhaps learn to use it and better it all for kingdom glory.

-speaking in front of people, anything in front of people... This has to do with using my voice and taking on confidence and stepping out. Applying the leadership skills I've learned here in Queretaro for my journey.

-obviously school and whatever work I get to do

-continuing to speak in Spanish to the Latino community

-encounter deeply God more and more forevermore and lead others into that great love

This journey has been wild and will surely continue on the same.