Monday, September 29, 2014

perfect lovin

Call to pray. Transform. Not conform.
I'm not exactly sure how to word all of this, but I will try... its very heavy on my heart.
For some time now I've been lost somewhere in between traditions of man(I am talking about "Christians" not unbelievers) and Jesus's culture that i've seen and read about in the Gospels. What do you do when you are living among people of tradition of tradition of tradition of tradition? Do you conform? Do you fall into the tradition without asking why? "If Jesus dinned, talked-spent time with sinners (without sinning of course) why am I not?" "I see how Jesus spent time with the poor, the needy, outcasts, prostitutes...then why am I told not to, or 'its too dangerous'" Why are other Christians telling me "you cant go into a bar, your a Christian, we dont do that. We dont spend time with THOSE people."? "You see THAT man? THAT man is bad". Etc. Etc. Etc.
Jesus came to the world, died, and rose again for THAT man. How are we as followers of Christ going to love him, share God's grace with him, share that yes a time is coming of judgement but now, in his mess, THIS man is loved. That THEN he would change, transform by the love of God, repent and be made new.
Did Jesus come for the perfect, the righteous or did Perfect Love come for the sinners?

That's where I am at, right here, right now. I need to decide, we need to decide what to do. Who will we follow? Will we follow Jesus, and look like Him? Or will we make up our own way, decide how we want to follow, pick and choose from the life of Jesus? After all we are "Christ followers" "little christs" right? 

Friday, September 19, 2014



Since my senior year in high school God has impressed it upon my heart to learn and study Gods word more deeply. When I became a Christian it was HIS love that I was consumed with. It was HIS Presence that I felt. His Word spoke to me but at that time in my life it was Holy Spirit that drew me to Him. My passion to learn more scripture and use my gifts has overwhelmed me in the past few years.  I have a desire to share what God has entrusted to me with the world.
Before coming here to Queretaro I was prayerfully considering going to Bible school (foregoing the mission field for a time) but it did not feel right. As much as I wanted to attend school I knew I was supposed to come to Queretaro first. So I let go of that plan in a way and said, ok, I’ll go to Queretaro without Bible School and trust God will give me all I need for this season. Well within the first few weeks of being here I was told about the new Institute.  It will be held in my local church which is the very church I attend and the very church that supports me! I was invited to a lunch meeting with the Pastors of this local church one day and they shared with me their desires.  I was overwhelmed with their commitment to support of me for as long as I remain here.  God has made it very clear that I have a “family” who will be here for me for as long as I am here. We had a great time chatting and they encouraged me greatly. At this time they also told me about and invited me to the Bible Institute.  The pastors shared with me about the upcoming informational meeting for this coming year. I said I would consider it.  Well I went to the meeting and during the meeting every part of me was jumping inside! My spirit was in agreement. I knew this was the very gift God was giving back to me!
How interesting! God is clever.  He knew back in July when I was praying about school there’d be an opportunity.  Here it is right in my very church. In this Institute there are three courses I will take- classes on theology, the supernatural, and evangelism.  Classes will be held in the mornings, two days a week and at the fraction of the price I’d have to pay in the States (About 20 dollars each month).  School starts Sept. 24! This schedule leaves open the opportunity to still work with the deaf in Amealco.
I am very excited to share this with you! I never ever considered in my wildest dreams that God would make this schooling possible.  BUT it is and I am blessed!
Everything I am and all that I will be learning will affect my ministry for the Kingdom wherever I go and whatever I do.   Thank you for your prayers as I add this adventure to my new season here in Queretaro.