Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All my weight on my beloved

This is truly what my position has been. This is exactly what I have looked like spiritually. It is a state in which I have never been in, totally new for me. I have never felt that I had need to or considered the idea that I had the right (a privilege even) to lean; now I know both are true. I desperately need Him and I will desperately cling to Him. I am fully thankful to Him who loves me and offers me the support.
So this is where I have been… and this is where I will stay, on the One that is SOLID, my Rock. The Lord is my portion. And I am not one bit ashamed. 

“Who is that coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?”
Solomon 8:5

Friday, February 21, 2014

and a fat rat.

Today was the last day of this session. One session to go and still so much to learn.
Also, next week will be week 7 for sign class. Right now the students are needing to cram in their heads vocabulary.  At times it feels like so much and class seems dull, but it is necessary in order to communicate  in the language. We've started playing games with the vocabulary learned which definitely gives the class more life. It is ideal to have our voices off for the whole class time but it doesn't always happen, which is ok. We have even bought drinks, chips,cookies, and I even bring my black tea in at times to boost their energy (hehe). Soon I will be teaching them about the Mexican Deaf culture and how it came to be, along with more history of the language. Genna and I decided that we would like to get to know the four students on a deeper level and really pour into their lives. I dont want this sign class to just be another class to keep them busy but rather something that will stick with them. I am thankful for these four students. I am thankful that we have been brought together, each from different places and from different walks.

My Mexican family
The family that I live with is still great! Sunday we had a not so welcomed guest in our home... a rat.When I say rat I mean RAT, big guy, fatty. Even Julio was scared of this rat. While watching the Canadians ice skate in the Olympics we saw it run in the space underneath the stairs. Julio got a stick and told us to go into the kitchen. He went under the stairs and with the stick jabbed at the rat. None of us could see the rat only hear its cries and squeals. When Julio released the stick the rat ran out across the floor and that was when Delia came at it with the broom sweeping it across the floor. It went sliding across back to Julio and ran towards us girls in the kitchen where we were already up on the kitchen counter screaming and laughing.  The rat bolted up behind the refrigerator where Julio found him and threw it out where Delia took another swing and shot the rat across the floor. Laughing, Julio smacked the rat onto the highchair where the rat then jumped onto the window sill and soared (with great skill) right through a hole exiting the home.

This event was very fitting on the account of the Olympics(ice skating even) we had just been watching. It was a team effort between Delia and Julio, I would give them a score of 10 for their quick improvising, their true joy, and true determination.   

I love watching this family interact. I've never seen a married couple that truly enjoys to be around one another, plays together, and are great friends. I love watching their family laugh with one another, play with one another, and snuggle in their hammock (and I am not even a snuggler).