Thursday, January 31, 2013

Build Your kingdom here.

  So much has happened and is happening! I am sorry that I am terrible at this blogging thing. More of the writing on here is what God has been saying to me or been teaching me & not so much about school. I am trying to keep people updated but it is hard, I know it is important so I am trying my best.

Let me just say that forever God is good. His goodness is one of the raddest things ever. He is always good. Everyday I am in love with him deeper and everyday He is teaching me something new.
I don't know if you guys have been at the point of life or in your growing relationship with him that you will do anything and everything for Him. Well I am there and I am so excited.
Lord you have done everything for me to be close to you so that there would be no space between us. You went as far as you could to come to me, you've done everything you could to get to me. I do not want to create any space. Fill in the space Lord.

This past weekend I had the best opportunity to go to San Diego with my mom & sister for 2 days: World Mandate West. All Peoples Church put on the event at Skyline Church. It was much needed & I'd say the time was used wisely. God taught me so stinkin much in that short time. I am taking all that He taught me... taking it and running with it. Ok well here is my prayer for the ranch that came out of me after the conference...

-to look like Jesus here at RSM, real (John 4- Jesus and the woman at the well... break the norm, the comfortable and live boldly. Acts 2- the church... all the people are different and are being used in all different ways. None are the same). My prayer is that we speak out, speak knowing that it is God who is speaking in us and through us. My prayer is that we do not put the Holy Spirit in a box because He does not fit. Yahweh is unexpected and has never looked the same. My prayer is that we are able to serve the people, the community and make relationships with those God has specifically placed around us. My prayer is that we are an influence for His kingdom.  My prayer is that we see the need, see the harvest and act.

So yes.
About 5 months left here and it is going to fly... I am praying that God uses me. I am asking him to speak and when he does it is my responsibility obey! He wont force us... it is our choice. I am praying that we want to, are thrilled ,and honored to. 

Next year there will be a lot of changes for me, but right now I am trying to focus on here... my job this moment. What does God have for me today? I do not want to miss what he is doing.

These kids! Love them with my whole heart.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We need a Helper.

“True Christianity! Let us mind that word ‘true.’ There is a vast quantity of religion current in the world, which is not true, genuine Christianity. It passes muster, it satisfies sleepy consciences; but it is not good money. It is not the authentic reality that called itself Christianity in the beginning. There are thousands of men and women who go to churches and chapels every Sunday and call themselves Christians. They make a ‘profession’ of faith in Christ. Their names are in the baptismal register. They are reckoned Christians while they live. They are married with a Christian marriage service. They mean to be buried as Christians when they die. But you never see any ‘fight’ about their religion! Of spiritual strife and exertion and conflict and self–denial and watching and warring they know literally nothing at all. Such Christianity may satisfy man, and those who say anything against it may be thought very hard and uncharitable; but it certainly is not the Christianity of the Bible. It is not the religion, which the Lord Jesus founded and His apostles preached. It is not the religion, which produces real holiness. True Christianity is ‘a fight.’
“The true Christian is called to be a soldier and must behave as such from the day of his conversion to the day of his death. He is not meant to live a life of religious ease, indolence and security. He must never imagine for a moment that he can sleep and doze along the way to heaven, like one traveling in an easy carriage. If he takes his standard of Christianity from the children of this world, he may be content with such notions, but he will find no countenance for them in the Word of God. If the Bible is the rule of his faith and practice, he will find his course laid down very plainly in this matter. He must ‘fight.’
“With whom is the Christian soldier meant to fight? Not with other Christians…No, indeed! The principal fight of the Christian is with the [world’s system], the flesh and the devil. These are his never–dying foes. These are the three chief enemies against whom he must wage war. Unless he gets the victory over these three, all other victories are useless and vain. If he had a nature like an angel, and were not a fallen creature, the warfare would not be so essential. But with a corrupt heart, a busy devil and an ensnaring world, he must either ‘fight’ or be lost.”

 J. C. Ryle’s sermons on Holiness
A section from “True Christianity Is a Fight”

Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is January! Can you believe that? Wow, time is not waiting around it is flying bye. I should not be wasting any of it... we have such a short time here on Earth compared to where we'll be for eternity.

And it has been good! It is not easy, not always fun, but so so good. I am learning so much everyday while being totally open with my Creator and daily surrendering myself... sharing all I am with Him and knowing He knows me better than I know myself! He has always known me!
El Roi is teaching me the whole way, in and through it all. Oh, I am falling and it is beautiful. This relationship, this grace that I have been given...He is beauty. Pouring out and overflowing grace. I am seeing His love in so many different new ways. I pray that He never stops teaching me and growing me.

My free day here changed from Saturdays to Thursdays. Also for the month of February I will be helping out in the girls dorm every Thursday and my free day will be on Sundays.
On Friday the 25-Sunday I get to go to San Diego to have a little break and go to Skyline Church!

Will you pray?
For integrity
For all of our students here at RSM to have integrity flowing out of their beings.
Something not so fun...
A few weeks ago Robin (one of our teachers here (and momma of 6) entered my classroom around 4pm to gather snacks for her class and found one student in the corner of my classroom with my personal computer... & lets just say he wasn't playing any solitaire. He tried to hide from her and then ended up telling her and the dorm dad David that he just wanted to read one of my books and in fact was reading. Well thats not what Robin saw when she walked in and that is definitely not what the computer showed. Meanwhile I was on a walk getting oranges about to go to my classroom to plan and prepare for the next school day... heading up to my class I saw both David and Robin and they told me what had happened. So we got my computer clean and protected & the boy for sure got punished for many reasons, and now I double check that my classroom is LOCKED. I really don't know if the door was locked or not... normally I do lock it but easily I could have forgotten. The important thing I learned out of this (besides making sure all is locked) is that we need to be praying. Praying constantly for anyone we know that does not know God, who doesn't know their Savior King, & the love He has for us. The boy wont feel bad for doing wrong things, stealing, or lying until he knows Truth. I'm praying that he can know His love, feel Him clearly and run to Him.
So... I am here praying for salvation and integrity especially in this specific boys life but also in all of our kids.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Make our paise like perfume

Lord you are teaching me and teaching me and teaching me! I pray that You never stop.  Some Many of the things you have been teaching me are not easy or sometimes not what I want in that moment but You know it all. You have plans and I do NOT want to get in the way! I want my life to be fully for You, because I am amazed by You. This is not easy, but You my God- my Strength and my Song- are with me. You are with us... through it all. Let me praise You all of my days. I pray that You fill me with overflowing joy and keep me in awe of all that You have done, all that You are doing right now, and all that You will do.
Thank You
I adore You.